Sunday, August 16, 2009

DLR Meditation of The Day, August 16

Where did he get those feathers? In his book Crazy From The Heat, he fills the photo section with images of his adventures down the Amazon, through New Guinea, dragging a boat by a rope, entertaining children with his footwear, canoeing, swinging from vines. The book itself mentions very little of these very adventures except to say that he went there, liked it, and his bodyguard Big Ed came too. DLR and Big Ed go rollerblading together. They do everything together. This, also, is barely elaborated upon. Clearly DLR's South American hijinx are manifest here, in this image: an Amazonian clown, a Boy George of the Jungle. Perhaps he wears souvenirs purchased in those very viney thickets he pranced about within. Here is David as Carnaval shaman, "Eat Em And Smile" referring to the concoction of stems and leaves known as ayahuasca and DLR is not just laying down a jagged 80s imperative, he is literally telling you what must be done.


snailhook said...

Show me your bright lights
And your city lights
I'm talkin' 'bout the Yankee Rose

Adam said...


B Rousse said...

He even did a version of this album in Spanish, "Sonrisa Salvaje"

check it out:

Anonymous said...

What's your implication in that "they do everything together"? And it's barely elaborated on?

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