Thursday, September 17, 2009


ALESSANDRO BOSETTI, born 1973, calls Milan Italy, Baltimore Maryland, and Berlin Germany home. His work in sound, text and experimental music has taken him to Sardinia, Toscana, The Canary Islands, and Africa in addition to tours in Taiwan, Japan, China, Europe, UK and the US. Bosetti seems to truly cherish the gaps where communication absolves itself of meaning and something else must occur; although his work and ideas are elaborated extensively on his personal website, the very soul of his projects seeks to commune with the unspeakable and to draw out the unanswerable using a wide variety of creative questioning. While many of his experiments are often complex (Mask/ Mirror's max/msp-midi processing interface, The Pool and the Soup's specific set of rules), the results are accessible, humorous and playfully musical. Storytelling, performance, the meaninglessness of meaning, objecthood, comprehension, and above all, genuine engagement with humanity are all hallmarks of Bosetti's inquisitive oeuvre.

What do you do? What are you doing the most lately?

I sleep. I try to sleep. I try to move from a lacanian state of interpassivity to a state of genuine passivity. I am the moon. I am the hanging man. I wait for judgment. I just entered a dark room with the window open. Outside it rains. Its pitch black. The rain is sucking every sound from the room. The dark is sucking out the room from the room. I sleep beside things and people. Try to dream of them. I idolize corrado costa that once said : "i do nothing but i do it slowly". I slept beside chillida sculptures in a sculpture park. I thought about the minigolf nearby. I thought about the smurfs. Smurfs as emblems of political minorities. I listen to smurfs and visitors of the sculpture park. I listen to people i never met just in order to be missing them. I pose in a pose of longing. I wear a dress of nostalgia. I desire. I try to sing. Not much comes out. I repeat phrases. Over and over. Until i can fall asleep. I try to fall asleep on stage. I stage. I stand between my mouth and my voice. I say. I sleep.

How long have you done these things?
Maybe a month from now.

Why do you do them? How does it make you feel?

When was That Moment in your life that told you you would become what you are? What happened?
I wasn't there. It was my mom getting on a cab. Smiling in beauty. It must have been a sunny day. I own the pictures of that day. I owe everything to that day.

How has your life changed or not changed to accommodate that moment's effect on you?
I started working. Every day my aura fell down as the dry skin of an avocado. I started holding my breath and grinding my teeth. I wept in despair. I walked on land that wasn't there right before putting my foot down. I created geography. I loved women. I went on working without knowing i was. I read Dune and the Never Ending Story. Ive been a fighter and a coward. Ive been solitary. I ruled my kingdom in a magnanimous way. A center extremist. I grew into being a bourgeois. I did put stuff inside my body.

How has your work affected your life in return?
It gave me some money and gave me fun. It gave me honey and made me run. It killed my pony without a gun. It made me sleep right under the sun. I like my job.

What does David Lee Roth mean to you?

Alessandro's website is
these are his favorites:
roberto bolano : the wild detectives , Wg Sebald : Austerlitz or After nature (in the last two hours, in the next two hours)
sokurov : any movie (in the last two hours, in the next two hours) every dog (all my life ) no cats please (all my life)

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