Monday, November 23, 2009

Service Anxiety meets Long Live Death, forms human pyramid

top tier left to right is Theo and James Sarsgard.
In 2003, James and I were on tour with Long Live Death.
James played the saw, I booked the tour and did backup singing.
James is now Noble Lake with Jen & Andy of Wye Oak.
We did this in Icky's backyard after Long Live Death performed a green kool-aid show at Trumbullplex in Detroit with Chicago's Service Anxiety.
Theo was in Service Anxiety with the dude on the bottom row, all the way to the right,
and one or two of the other Service Anxiety dudes are in this pyramid.
Someone please tell me what their names are.
Icky is bottom row, on the far left.
In the morning everyone ate potato pancakes.

I found this ol' thing because I started uploading actual photos to an actual flickr page after almost 5 years of ignoring it completely. Stay tuned here:


Ethan said...

Dude in the lower right is Dave Grant

Dude in the middle may be Woody Sullender

Dude in the hat may be Daniel Tucker

Dude in the brown shirt may be Travis

erik ruin said...

whoa- just found this site as i saw woody the other night and he mentioned it to me, but i am most definitely in a grey shirt at the bottom there- and it was my backyard...