Friday, March 12, 2010

Stephanie Barber's Freshmen Pyramids

Today I made a presentation to Stephanie (top row, left) Barber's class of MICA freshmen. After showing some Lexie Mountain Boys video and discussing the Human Pyramids sculpture/ performance project, we formed some pyramids of our own. The students were really good sports; they took off their boots and after the briefest hesitation subjected themselves to all sorts of lumbar compromise, giggling fits and premature carpal tunnel syndrome. Mostly, though, I made sure to get them good & ready for any spring break photo ops. Remember to go quickly and keep your heads up, lil buddies!

This is the pyramid everybody was in, except for Stephanie.

Not bad-- we ended up with 6-5-4, sort of a human trapezoid. Stephanie took the pictures from a tabletop in the studio.

Below, another attempt at involving everyone in the class. Here, we were able to get everyone except one using the cheerleader thigh stand lift. Interestingly enough, one person in the class is a real-life actual former cheerleader and if they didn't volunteer their identity during the course of the presentation I'd never be able to guess which one had no qualms about the thigh stand.

We didn't have too much time to work on weird formations because I showed the Petals the Party Dress vid that N.O. Smith shot of Mt Boys at Current Canyon Festival. If we had more time, it might have been cool to try some yelling/pyramids, or some moving pyramids (groups of 3 moving around bumping into each other). Anyway, thanks dudes and hope to see you out there soon! Stay in touch if you want to, and great job today.

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